HDPE Black Sheath virgin Hdpe Ldpe/Lldpe Granule

NDH Jacket of telephone cable,RF cable and optical cable
LDH Jacket of telephone cable and optical cable
MH Jacket of optical cable ,aerial cable and power cable
GH Jacket of optical cable. High strength and abrasion resistant jacket
NLDJ Insulation of aerial cable ,less than 1kV
NGJ Insulation of aerial cable
ZPE Flame retardant insulating or jacket of 70~90 ℃ wires and cables
RDH Flexible PE jacket of 70 ℃ wires and cables
virgin hdpe ldpe/lldpe granule

No. Property Unit Test JY102
1 Melt Flow Index g/10min GB/T3682-2000 ≤2.0
2 Density g/cm3 GB/T1033.1-2008 ≤0.945
3 Tensile strength Mpa GB/T1040.3-2006 ≥13.0
4 Tensile yield strength Mpa GB/T1040.3-2006 —
5 Elongation at break % GB/T1040.3-2006 ≥500
6 Brittle temperature at low temperature ℃ GB/T5470-2008 ≤-76
7 ESCR ,FO H GB/T2951.41-2008 ≥96
8 Oxidation induction period at 200℃ Min GB/T2951.42-2008 ≥30
9 Content of Carbon black % GB/T2951.41-2008 2.60±0.25
10 Carbon Black dispersion — GB/T18251-2000 ≤3
11 Ceka softening point ℃ GB/T1633-2000 —
12 Tensile strength after thermal aging Mpa GB/T2951.12-2008 —
12 Elongation after thermal aging % GB/T2951.12-2008 —
13 Elongation at Low Temperature % GB/T2951.14-2008 —
16 Dielectric strength Mv/m GB/T1408.1-2006 ≥25
17 Volume resistivity Ω.m GB/T1410-2006 ≥1*1014
18 Dielectric Constant — GB/T1409-2006 ≤2.80

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