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Fat Filled Milk Powder, 25KG (28% Fat)


Fat Filled Milk Powder, 25KG (28% Fat) is produced by spray drying fresh standardized skim cow milk to remove water and fat. Subsequently, the milk powder is hydrogenated with vegetable oil, resulting in a much healthier milk powder. The product is in compliance with standards and regulations for food safety in the country of origin.


Applications of the Product

Besides using it to prepare milk, you will also find it is perfect as an ingredient for making cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and other treats, or you can simply add a spoonful to your tea or coffee. In the food industry, Fat Filled Milk Powder is a commonly used ingredient for applications in the segments; bakery, chocolate, ice cream & desserts, confectionery and dairy drinks.


Chemical Specifications
Protein approx. 24,6%
Moisture < 4%
Fat approx. 28,5%
Lactose approx. 37%
pH 6,5 – 6,9


Physical Specifications
Scorched Particles Disc A / B
Solubility Index < 1 ml
Antibiotics Absent
Colour Slightly yellowish cream
Odour & Taste Slightly Sweet


Microbiological Specifications
Standard Plate Count < 10.000 CFU per g
Coliform Absent
Yeast & Moulds < 100 CFU per g
Salmonella Absent
E-Coli  Absent
Salmonella Absent


Packaging Specifications
Origin EU
Packaging 25 kg net weight multi walled kraft paper bag with polyethylene liner
Storage Cool, dry, clean, fresh environment < 25ºC or humidity < 65%
Shelf-life 12 months (or less according to destination regulations)

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