Packing: 170ml x 96 pcs in carton, 1016 cartons in 1x20ft container.

Flavours: Original, Cardamom, LIght & Cholestrole Free.

MOQ: 1 x 20ft container


Rainbow Milk Powder Exporter

Rainbow Milk Powder for sale in bulk, exporting to any port in the world. top-notch dairy products only from Sidalinco.

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We are a major producer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of various milk products to the world’s market. Through the years, we have come to take pride in the quality of our dairy products and the way we do business. We are proud to have been able to cater drinking UHT milk, various types of milk powders, various cheese, butter, ice cream powders, various condensed milk, and many other dairy items to the world industrial and consumer markets. We aim to provide excellence.

We have a cohesive, experienced platform that efficiently serves our customers across multiple supply chains.    We deal in a wide variety of dairy products, including all types of cheeses, milk powder, whey powder, butter and dairy proteins, as well as all types of animal feed.  We value strong, long-term relationships, provide our clients with accurate and timely market information, provide unparalleled logistical services and back it all up with our financial strength.   

We supply clients around the world and are always a trusted advisor with respect to market strategies, current price trends, or any other factor that may affect clients’ businesses.    “We work aggressively to be a value-added partner to our vendors and customers alike.

Our daily involvement in every aspect of the dairy industry keeps us informed about current and future market conditions that can affect your bottom-line. Working together, we help manage your inventories and maximize your returns.”


Through our rebranding and private label option, we don’t just produce dairy brands, but we create value and deliver wholesome food to world local markets, custom-designed to and fit for the local culture and taste.

Rainbow milk powder Wholesale

As a major exporter of dairy products, we ship Rainbow Milk powder and other branded full-creamed milk powders to various destinations worldwide.

Organic Millet Milk Powder

Buy Rainbow milk powder in bulk

Made with pure fresh cow milk in the Netherlands

140 years of farming tradition creates creamy milk with no preservatives

Milk contribution comes from 19,000 farmers across Netherlands, Germany and Belgium

One of the widely popular brands in the Middle East


    2.5Kg Tin
    1.8Kg Tin
    900gm Tin
    400gm Tin
    2Kg Pouch
    800gm Pouch
    400gm Pouch

     Rainbow milk powder price in UAE




    ♦ Rainbow Milk has been popular for many years due to its convenience, offering a real health bonus and great refreshing taste.

    Diploma Milk Powder


    ♦ Milk provides a whole range of nutrients that are essential to the growth and development of our bodies without artificial preservatives or colourings.
    ♦ Consuming products from the Rainbow Milk range can provide a significant proportion of daily nutrient requirements for all age groups.
    ♦ In addition to its contribution to nutrient intake, increased milk consumption has shown to be effective in reducing the risk of numerous health problems.
    ♦ Rainbow Milk products are UHT treated, allowing them to stay fresh for up to nine months


    ♦ Brand: Rainbow
    ♦ Full Cream 

    Rainbow milk powder price in Qatar

    Research chemicals for sale


    PER SERVE:: 1 CARTON (200ML)

    ENERGY (KCAL) 506 125 (6% RI*)
    ENERGY (KJ) 2115 524 (6% RI*)
    PROTEIN (G) 25 6.3 (13% RI)
    CARBOHYDRATE (G) 37.1 9.3 (4% RI)
    – OF WHICH LACTOSE(G) 37.1
    FAT (G) 28.1 7.0 (10% RI)
    CALCIUM (MG) 870 217.5 (27% DRI**)
    VITAMIN A (ΜG) 810 202.5 (25% DRI)
    VITAMIN D (ΜG) 10 2.5 (50% DRI)
    VITAMIN B2 (MG) 0.97 0.24 (17% DRI)
    VITAMIN B12 (ΜG) 2.5 0.6 (24% DRI)

    * Reference intake of average adult (2000Kcal)

    ** Daily reference intake

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