Surface smooth and flat, ultra thin and semi-transparent, slow burning rate with nice taste

– Eco-friendly paper , chlorine free , no chemical additives 

– Good quality paper with clear watermark

– OEM,ODM available

     – Products come with FSC.SGS Certificate



– Paper type:       Hemp,rice, wood paper

– Color:                 Unbleached (brown), bleached (white)

– Leaves:              32 or 50 or 60 leaves/booklet

– Package:           UV, Embossing , Hot stamping ,Normal designs

– Packing:            50 booklets per box; 40 boxes per carton; or custom packing avaiable

– Filters:               With or without filters tips /roaches  

– Size:                   Small,  1 1/4, king slim, king, queen size ,custom size


Size Quantity Display box
King Size Slim  (107*44mm) 50 booklets/box(32 leaves/booklet) 130*113*56mm
1 1/4      (78*44mm) 50 booklets/box(32 leaves/booklet) 130*82*56mm
Single Size   (70*36mm) 50 booklets/box(50 leaves/booklet) 148*75*48mm


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