Paper Material

100% natural slow burning, extra thin, ultra transparent, ultra-thin, rice hemp paper

Paper Weight

13.5g, 14g, 16g, 18g, 20g, 24g, 27g

Paper Size

Booklet Size: super king size, king size slim, king size, 1 1/4 size, single    size, 1 1/2 size, double wide, regular size etc.

Sheet Size: 508mm*762mm etc.

Paper Color

White (bleached), brown (unbleached)


plain,watermarked, printed, flavored etc.


100% natural Arabic gum, organic Arabic gum.


booklet or sheet, display box packing;

32 leaves per booklet, 50 booklets per box;

500 sheets per ream in Kraft paper;

Support customization.



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