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Our company sells or distribute many varieties of Frozen Fresh Fish in Whole and Fillets. We have available: Red Grouper Fish, Frozen Mackerel Fish, Frozen Horse Mackerel Fish, Frozen Hake Fish, Frozen Red Seabream Fish, Frozen King Salmon Fish, Frozen Tuna Fish, Frozen Atlantic Salmon Fish, Frozen Sardine Fish, Frozen Tilepia Fish, Frozen Red Tilapia Fish, Frozen Bonito Fish and many more.

Latin Name: Pagrus major
Family: Pagrus
Fishing Location: FAO 27 – North Norway
Catching Season: February – Abril
Catching Method: Long-Lining, Purse seining, Trawling
Freezing Method: Block Frozen, Brine Frozen

W/R – Whole Round
W/G – Whole Gutted
HG+T – Headed Gutted + Tailed
Butterfly Fillets / Flaps
Mackerel Heads

English name: Frozen Red Seabream Fish 
Scientific name: Pagrus major
Origin of Fish: Norway
Available size: Whole round – 300-500, 500-600, 600+ gramms
Headed, gutted (H&G) – 150-300, 200-400, 250+ gramms
Package: 10kgs/carton or as customer’s requirements
Net weight: 95% NW, 100%NW
Freezing: BQF(block frozen)
Shelf Life: 24 months under -18 degree C
Weight: 100% N.W

-Block frozen (landfozen or seafrozen), whole round, fat content 18%+, block size 22 kg, packed in master cartons.
-Block frozen (landfozen or seafrozen), H&G (headed, gutted), fat content 18%+, block size 22 kg, packed in master cartons.

We sell at very moderate price and we can meet large order quantities, inquiry will be promptly reverted with detailed quotation.

Frozen Sea Water Fish:

Yellow Croaker Fish

Silver Croaker Fish

TT Croaker Fish

Ribbon Fish

Cuttle fish


Silver Pomfret

Leather Jacket Fish

Sole Fish

Reef Cod Fish

Indian Mackerel

Horse Mackerel

And so.

Frozen Sweet Water Fish :

Tilapia Fish

Pabda Fish

Tengda Fish

Ruhu Fish

Katla Fish

Fresh/Chilled Sea Water Fish :

Silver Pomfret

Black Pomfret

Chinese Pomfret

King Fish

Brown Spotted Grouper Fish

Red Grouper Fish

Chaya Fish

White Snapper Fish

Sea Bream Fish

Indian Salmon (Rawas) Fish

Indian Mackerel

Anchovi (Mandeli) Fish

Japanese Threadfin (Rani) Fish

Bombay Duck H/O

Bombay Duck H/L

White Prawns

Tiger Prawns

Vannamei Prawns

And so on.

if you have any requirements so kindly get back to us immediately.

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Exported Countries:   

South Africa,Indonesia,Southeast Asia,Europe,US Austrialia,South Africa,Middle East, South Pacific,Japan and South Korea. 

Main Product: 

Pacific Mackerel,Tilapia,Seabass,Spanish Mackerel/Kingfish,Horse Mackerel, Squid, Tilapia,  Pomfret, Vannamei Shrimp,Sardine etc. 

Red Grouper Fish

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